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Our 5 basic principals

Ipirotiki Facility Services S.A.

is a fast growing service company. The company is based in Athens, operates in Greece and has a fully organized branch in Thessaloniki, serving North Greece. Services are provided by fully qualified and experienced staff, highly trained and trained to use high tech infrastructure, innovative systems & eco products.

Taking into consideration our services high quality, our customers’ satisfaction, our staff health, hygiene and safety and our impact to the environment, IFS IPIROTIKI FACILITY SERVICES S.A. fully complies with the following management systems:
• ISO9001:2015 for the quality management system
• ISO14001:2015 for the environmental management system
• OHSAS18001:2007 for the health and safety management system at work
• ISO22000:2005 for the food safety management system
• ISO26000:2010 for corporate social responsibility

We differentiate our services, focusing on the human...
... and the environment

Our aim is to carry out every project, focusing on developing new business gateways in order to diversify our services in order to facilitate the people, protecting the environment.

Nikolaos Tsalikidis

Managing Director

Cleaning services

Cleaning Services are the main activities of IFS IPIROTIKI FACILITY SERVICES S.A. They are provided by qualified, excellently trained staff, using high technologies and professional cleaning systems. An operating standard that achieves better results and higher standards of cleaning services.

Hospital Catering Services

We offer catering services to General Hospitals, based on pre-agreed customer requirements. Our catering staff is trained to follow all hygiene rules and standards, certified by Hellenic Food Authority, according to their duties and responsibility.

Premises, building and infrastructure technical management

The high technical requirements of building management are ensured by the long experience of IFS IPIROTIKI FACILITY SERVICES S.A. and in addition by the use of modern methods. The preventive regular building maintenance which our company provides includes periodic inspection, adjustment, cleaning, minor repairs and essential equipment replacements.

Our people
Our treasure

Our staff is the most important asset for the company
• Involvement with vision and values
• Skills training and development
• A sense of responsibility and duty
• Protection, hygiene and safety

Insecticide, mice & pest control, bird deterrents

IFS IPIROTIKI FACILITY SERVICES S.A. offers pesticide and pest control services in urban environments, residences, workplaces etc. Our specialized staff follows a sequence of modern methods, focusing on the protection of the environment and public health, in order to achieve rapid and desirable results.

Services for hotels

IFS IPIROTIKI FACILITY SERVICES S.A combines its key pillars of operation thus providing the hotel units with the opportunity to save money and time. The company has the necessary personal protective equipment, the necessary resources for staff training, and everything else needed to optimally carry out the catering and meal distribution plans.

Creating and maintaining gardens

IFS IPIROTIKI FACILITY SERVICES S.A. provides garden creation and maintenance services. Our aim is to prevent and combat plant disease as well as to protect the plants, while maintaining them in excellent condition.

Premises management

IFS IPIROTIKI FACILITY SERVICES S.A., in terms of Facilities Management, with its excellent Facility Services, aims to ensure the smoothest possible operation of the professional facilities it undertakes as it develops and offers Integrated Systems Services.

Social corporate responsibility
Our duty

IFS IPIROTIKI FACILITY SERVICES S.A. implements the principles of the international standard ISO26000: 2010 on corporate social responsibility and has received a certification of correct application of ISO standards. Our company is sensitised when it comes to contributing to the society.

In this context, we created a Blood Bank, registered with the National Blood Donor Registry - National Blood Donation Center (EME - EKEA) with the name “Association of Blood Donor Volunteers of IFS IPIROTIKI FACILITY SERVICES S.A.,” under registration number 12832.

Blood donation is a way of life and constitutes a practical expression of social solidarity. Blood donation is an act of love and a proof of social sensitivity. Its effects can save lives, as the blood is neither produced nor replaced. It can only be donated!

For these reasons, donating blood is a gesture of goodwill, care and love to our fellow beings. Blood donors’ contributions are above all a life energy for our suffering fellow human beings.

Humanity is in our blood. Together, we can!

Our good reputation relies on...

Our clients

Our reputation is based on the large list of our loyal customers who trust our people and our work for many years. We specialize in providing guaranteed services to healthcare organizations, public services and large private sector companies.

Public sector

Healthcare services

Private sector

Materials and Consumables strategy

The main pillars of our strategy are the economy and caring for the environment.

The proper management of materials and consumables is a prerequisite for the effective handling of a project in terms of serving the staff as well for serving visitors in the customers’ premises. For this reason, it is necessary to adopt a concrete strategy that fully meets the daily needs.