IFS IPIROTIKI FACILITY SERVICES S.A. implements the principles of the international standard ISO26000: 2010 on corporate social responsibility and has received a certification of correct application of ISO standards. Our company is sensitised when it comes to contributing to the society.

In this context, we created a Blood Bank, registered with the National Blood Donor Registry – National Blood Donation Center (EME – EKEA) with the name “Association of Blood Donor Volunteers of IFS IPIROTIKI FACILITY SERVICES S.A.,” under registration number 12832.

Blood donation is a way of life and constitutes a practical expression of social solidarity. Blood donation is an act of love and a proof of social sensitivity. Its effects can save lives, as the blood is neither produced nor replaced. It can only be donated!

For these reasons, donating blood is a gesture of goodwill, care and love to our fellow beings. Blood donors’ contributions are above all a life energy for our suffering fellow human beings.

Humanity is in our blood. Together, we can!